If you are considering a new destination for your Investments, consider Portugal.

Much to the credit of the country’s natural traits and also to its policy for attracting Foreign Investment, Portugal has become Europe’s Golden Gate to non-EU investors from all over the world looking to establishing themselves in Portugal and Europe.

The most recent studies and research reveal a mounting interest and trust in the country’s structures, resources and growth prospects, putting Portugal in the radar for the best investment opportunities in the world.

INPT is an investment consultancy office based in Porto, Portugal, specialized in Investment Management and Golden Visa Procurement. Allow us to guide you through an overview of Portugal’s main attraction factors.

Portugal's top five attractiveness factors

EY Attractiveness Survey Portugal, June 2019

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Quality of life

Investing Portugal - Homepage

Stability of Social Climate

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Telecom Infrastructure

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Local labour skills level


Investment Haven

Golden Visa

Technology And Infrastructure

Education And Human Resources

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Tourism of excellence